Summer Cooking Fun Monster Quesadillas

Here is a fun summer cooking activity that we do every year.  Make quesadillas with tortillas and cheese in a skillet.  Cut the quesadilla in half and cut one half in triangles.  Put out your cream cheese or sour cream and your favorite veggies and let the kids decorate.  FUN!  We also do this for a cooking activity in my Montessori classroom!  Enjoy <3 Mrs. Mommy :)

summer reading fun!!!

This is a fun reading link I thought you all might enjoy!  I love reading to my kids and the summer is a great time to read a new adventure!!  :) have fun
Teaching with TLC Blog: Summer Reading Fun: "Many parents ask me how to get their elementary-age children reading for fun during the summer. There are reading programs at libraries and ..."

Summer Fun!!!

 Summer is over half way through!!! Can you believe it?? I am getting excited to set up the classroom and get Back to school. I almost have our classroom themes figured out. I will be posting pictures soon. This post is just a trial as my first post. I really don't know anything about blogging other than that I love to read them! I am hoping over the next few months to add to my blog and make it a great resource for me to look back at and to share with others. Happy Summer friends!!



I am a creative, fun loving, children's chef, business owner, event designer, Montessori school Director and teacher, a mother of 4, a homeschooler, a wife and I am in love with Jesus!!  Well that is me in a nutshell.  I married my high school sweetheart 12 years ago and we have 4 beautiful children. 

My oldest daughter Abbie "the Athlete" is 9.  She is very smart and loves school!!  She is in 4th grade at a public school.  She is an incredible athlete and keeps us busy with all of her soccer, basketball, volleyball and gymnastic events.

Allie"the Rock star" is my 7 year old who is full of life!!  She was recently diagnosed with ADHD and we do not medicate her.  She is my creative, fun loving homeschooler!  We have so much fun together.  She has my personality so I can really relate to her.  We are always coming up with new exciting ways to make learning fun.  Allie is in a local children's theater, ballet, art and gymnastics.

Zack "the genius".  He is my 5 year old genius.  Zack goes to my Montessori school and I literally can't keep up with his reading.  He is reading at a 3rd grade reading level and has been reading since he was 3.  He can do 2 digit math problems in his head and he too loves school.  He has always had me for his teacher.  When Zack isn't reading he is playing baseball or wrestling.

My littlest guy is Trenton "the comedian" is 3.  Oh my goodness this child can make you laugh.  He is very happy go lucky and loves to have fun.  He is the life of the party.  He loves our school so much he cries when he can't go!!  He loves to learn new things and is always participating. 

Besides teaching and homeschooling I love to cook and come up with new fun kid's recipes.  I would love to write a cookbook someday.  I like to decorate my house when I have time and I used to plan children's events and still have great joy in any event I am able to plan.  I love to make my kids special birthday cakes every year.  I also like to do crafts and scrapbook.