Weekly Kid's Co-op Week of 3.16.12 March Monet

Weekly Kid’s Co-Op March Monet and other art

Please add your link at the bottom of this post!  For Art this month our special Artist was Monet.  We are studying pond life and I felt it would be appropriate to add fine art into that theme.  Water Lilies by Claude Monet is my favorite piece of fine art!  We worked with watercolor pencils and watercolor paper. 

First we studied a few of Monet’s prints and discussed what a landscape painting was.  The kids drew the water and the edge of the pond, and then they added the water lilies along with other details.  They finished by painting over it with water to blend in the colors.  The paintings turned out FABULOUS!! 

We also made lily pads by color mixing water colors on large coffee filters.  This was an extension to our color mixing work at the science table!  We added cupcake liners and tissue paper flowers

Here are a few of our frog art projects from this month.  We made cupcake liner eyes, paper plate mouths and self stick foam for the “sticky tongue”.

This month we also have been learning about ROY G BIV.  We read a story about a Leprechaun named ROY G BIV and he was trying to build a rainbow.  To extend this lesson I put out a ton of collage materials and instructed the kids to draw a rainbow and put the colors in order using any collage material they chose.  Here are some of their collages.  The colors, creativity and texture on these collages make my heart sing!


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  1. Love how a famous artist inspires the children's work because of your lesson plan. Carolyn

    1. Thank you Carolyn! I love all that you do for teachers and bloggers!! You are amazing.
      Rachel :)

  2. I love those texture collages! And really, they will work all spring!

  3. Jackie H.
    I love them too and they really do brighten up our classroom!! I was so impressed how the math brains in my class decided to make patterns with them.

  4. The lilypad art looks just fabulous! Your blog is really great... you'd never know you've only recently started! Debs :) (http://learnwithplay.blogspot.com.au/)