Weekly Kid's Co-op! Frogs, Colors and Magnets

Weekly Kid's Co-Op~! Frog Colors and Magnets!
Every week we get together and combine our fun and educational kid's activities.  This week I am talking about frog life science.  Please link up your activities at the bottom!

This week for science we are learning about frogs.  We talked about Metamorphosis and explained the life cycle of the frog.  We acted out the life cycle of the frog after I showed them the frog life cycle work tray.  One of our students brought in a fabulous frog science set with real eggs, tadpoles, froglets and frogs!!  This is the most complete set I have ever seen!   

After we studying all about frog life cycles we got real tadpoles!!  We have three of them, in our science journals we drew a picture of what our tadpoles look like and wrote the date.  We will make observations daily and record our observations every Wednesday.  The older kids labeled the picture of the tadpole.  The last thing we did with the tadpoles was research how to take care of them and what to feed them. 

Our color of the month is green!  Frogs are green and St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and spring is hopefully on its way.  I introduced the color wheel and explained the primary colors (this was a review for them).  I then talked about the secondary colors.  I demonstrated how to mix blue and yellow and we discussed what color it made.  Then we experimented with different amounts of drops to see what colors it made. 

Our last science work this week was Magnets.  The kids explored with a box of objects and a “magic Magnetic wand” to see what would stick to it.  After they explored they would classify the objects.  Finally they recorded their findings by drawing pictures on a recording sheet. 

My class loved the opportunity to be scientists this week!  I am excited to watch them grow and learn more next week. 

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