Superheroes and Villians! Happy Birthday Zackman!

Superheroes and Villains

My little Zackman is going to be six next week!  Last year I didn’t blog so I wanted to make a post about his party last year because it was way to fun to be forgotten!  He was really into lego batman on xbox and that gave me the idea to have a superheroes and villains party!  Whenever we have a party in our house the whole family gets involved and we go all out!  Sadly I was so into the party this year I didn’t take pictures of all the fun things we did! 

The week before the party we prepped all of the party decorations.  My husband watches the old Batman show with the kids which made these decorations fun!  I ordered vintage villain masks on these masks were decoration.  We also used them in our scavenger hunt coming up!  I downloaded my printables from love etsy!

After we prepped the decorations my mother in law and I made capes for each child with their initial on the back superman style!  These capes were actually very easy to make and the kids loved them!!!  We just bought felt in different colors.  We cut them out and tried them on our boys for measurements (we are very professional like that haha)   After we cut them we added a Velcro closure on the neck.  I printed out a logo on cardstock then traced it on felt.  We cut out the superman shaped logo and hot glued it all together.  Finally I cut out each initial and glued around it all with glitter glue.  My mother in law sewed a stitch around the logos to finish them off!

We had a craft table set up for the kids to make their own masks.  We also had a table set up with an activity for them to pick a superhero name based on their personality.

We had superhero music and a fog machine going as well.  After the initial activities it was time for Superhero training camp! 

The kids had to do everything a superhero might have to do...crawling, rolling, jumping, climbing, flying and running.  We practiced all of our moves to make sure we were ready for our mission!

Next was our mission.
We got a letter from the major stating that the villains had stolen all of the money from the city bank!  It was our job as superheroes to get the money back!  Beware!  The villains are ready to fight!

We went on a scavenger hunt to find the money.  Along the way each villain came out (Abbie, Allie and friends wearing the vintage villain masks) and threw an Easter egg at them with a clue inside.  The final clue led us to jokers playhouse which was a room filled with balloons and joker was hiding inside with the bags of money.  There were so many balloons the kids couldn’t see the joker hiding and he jumped out and threw the money at them!  It was fantastic!  I was the Joker so sadly we don’t have any pictures.

We ended our day with mighty munchies a batman pinata and superhero cupcakes. 
It was such a fun day this little superhero was worn out! 
I can’t wait for our star wars party this year.
I would love to hear your comments and thoughts! :)
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  1. We did a super hero party recently and it was so much fun to plan! I had to do a double-take at your pinterest photo since my son wore the exact same batman costume! haha! Great job- and great photos!

  2. Thanks @crittersandcrayons! I love your blog!

  3. What great activities!! I can't wait for your Star Wars party too.

  4. What a great party! It looks like a big hit. What kind of font did you use to write your words on your photos. I really like it!