Tell me a Story Tuesday! The Cat in the Hat!

Tell me a Story Tuesday!

The Cat in the Hat!

It is Dr. Seuss week!  Every day this week we will read a different story by Dr. Seuss and do activities to go along with that book.  Today we read The Cat in the Hat and The Cat in the Hat comes back!
For art the first thing we made was Thing one or Thing two.  This was a fun activity because we also were able to create homemade puffy paint!! 

First you add glue to a cup, next you add paint and stir it up good!  Finally you add shaving cream and stir again.  Keep adding shaving cream until the concoction is nice and fluffy!  This was super fun and super easy!

The kids traced their hands and cut them out.  They added their hands to the red bodies.  They drew the faces and wrote thing one or thing two on the belly.  Then they painted the blue puffy paint for hair.  When it dried it was still puffy! 

We had two art stations today they could make one or both.  The other station was a simple cut and paste cat in the hat.  This was a following directions craft. 

For snack we made cat in the hat treats.  We stacked red gummy lifesavers and frosting on ritz crackers to make a cute little hat.

We did a brain storm on what activities we could do on a rainy day.  Tomorrow we will use that brainstorm for writer’s workshop.  Since the book started out as a rainy day, we used that opportunity for a science experiment.  We talked about the water cycle and where rain comes from.  Our experiment was a visual of rain coming from the clouds.  I filled up clear cups about ¾ full.  On top of the water I allowed each child to squirt shaving cream.  This was our cloud.  I went around and dropped blue food coloring on top of the shaving cream and the kids were able to watch it “rain” in their cups.
Here are a few pictures of the other activities we did today! 
Cat in the hat following directions and reading game

Today I will post about Wacky Wednesday and Oobleck!  I am really enjoying reading about all of your Dr. Seuss adventures this week!

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