Kid's Party Themes:Star Wars Black Light Party part one

I am sorry it has been awhile!  To make my blogging quest more fun and interesting I decided to do a series on kid's parties.  I have done so many that I am going to start showcasing one a week.  I am also going to use this as a platform for guest right?!  This week I am going to kick off my new series with a Star Wars Party.  I hope you can use some of these ideas for your kid's parties, I also used this same theme as one of our summer camp themes so double duty!

For the Birthday party I wanted to make the setting in the dark to have black light activities.  We bought our black light from and our lava lamp also.  I got a lot of my black light ideas from and my sister from Appleby Party Designs.  This part of the party was super fun to plan with my kids.  We did experiments to see what did and didn't glow before the party to make sure it was all going to work.  We made glow bottles, I will list what was in each bottle.
1. Tonic Water, snakes and marbles
2. yellow Glow water (see below for instructions)
3. Orange glow water with Marbles and pom poms
To make glow water you just take the inside ink compartment out of a highlighter and soak it in water.  Seriously it is that easy!  After you make glow water you can use it for all sorts of things!
We had a table set up for the kids to choose a Jedi Name and write it with a highlighter on white paper.  We tried black paper and that did not work.
We sprayed a HUGE bowl of mini marshmallows with glow paint and hid glow in the dark stars in it for a sensory box. I found florescent play dough that also glowed in the dark.  We made a water table with glow water, glow in the dark stars, marbles and glow in the dark beads from oriental trading.

 The kids were all asked to come dressed as a star wars character and we made each kid a light saber out of pool noodles, those things are so resourceful!  We cut them in thirds and added black and silver duct tape stripes and a red square for the button.  As soon as everyone arrived my husband was upstairs getting ready for the big surprise!!  My two girls and their cousins began Jedi training with the kids which is similar to the one they do at Disneyland.  They had it all choreographed.  When Jedi Training was just about done the music turned to the dark side and Darth Maul entered through fog (my awesome husband).
 The kids used their Jedi Training to fight Darth Maul!  It was amazing!  After we fought Darth Maul we had our Snacks, our cake and punch.  The kids ended by playing with all the black light centers.


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