Weekly Kid's Co-Op Linky! 4.5.12

Guess what time of the week it is??  Time for the weekly kid's Co-Op  Yeah!!  This week is full of fun Easter activities to do with kids.  Don't forget to link up after you have looked at all of the fabulous posts.  Here are a few of my Favorites from last week. 

Now that the weather is starting to get nice out this would be a fun summer sensory activitiy!

I love using crazy tools for painting!  Here is a fun post about that!

This just incredible!!  We tried a project similar to this last month.  The kids will be fascinated with watching the crystals form and grow.  You can use google translate to read this post. 

I was so excited about this post because my husband already said he wanted to make me a light table this summer so now we know how! 

Here is my post for this week!
Now that you have seen a few of my favs from last week, here is the link up!


  1. Just found you through the weteach group! Popping over to say "hi!"

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