Grinch Activities

"He's a mean one Mr. Grinch!" Why do you think he is so mean??  What makes you feel like a Grinch??  What would make you feel nicer??  This is how our journal discussion started yesterday morning.  We then continued the day with our Grinch Feltman.  Every child started out with a heart that was "2 sizes too small".  Whenever they were "caught" being Kind to another student I gave them a bigger felt heart to go put on the Grinch Feltman.  At the end of the day we measured and graphed the hearts on the Grinch.  The kids really focused on being kind to others and made the connection of what happens to your heart when others are mean to you.  I have never took such a deep meaning from the grinch before but I think it is a great lesson on Character Education and bullying.  We also worked on our 'Gr" beginning sounds and made grinch patterns for math.  For science we talked about the properties of liquid and solid and we made green ice cream for "Grinning, Grinch, Green day" on Friday. 
Grinch "Feltman"

"Grinning Grinches"

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