Reindeer and Santa Cake Pops

Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Almost Christmas!!  Tomorrow is officially my "drama Queen's" last full day of public school.  To celebrate I contacted the teacher and asked if we could have a going away party for her so she could have closure and say goodbye to her and all her friends.  To make it a fun day I decided to make cake pops.  To be completely honest I have a love, hate relationships with these tiny beautifully deceptive little treats!  I love them when they are done, and I do have fun creating the first 2 or 3 of them but about a quarter of the way into it I am saying to myself WHAT WAS I THINKING????  Anyways that was then and now they are done so I am back to the I love them stage!  I decided to take step by step photos for you all because they are not easy to make. 
First you take your sticks and dip them in Chocolate and then stick them in your cake balls.  Then freeze them to harden.

Take Chinese noodles and melted Chocolate or Royal Frosting and make antlers.  Leave out to harden.

Melt chocolate and pipe pupils on white Chocolate chips to make eyes.

Melt Chocolate and add a tablespoon of water so the Chocolate doesn't melt.

Dip the cake ball in the Chocolate and twirl until all the extra chocolate has dripped off. 

Finally decorate and remember, have fun because you will love them when you are done!!

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