Grinch Preview

Right now we are working on our grinch unit.  Today we talked about how to make the grinch grin.  When we did that we watched his heart grow and grow.  We made Deanna Jump's Grinch faces for art.  We worked on Dr. Seuss rhyming words.  For math we used Dr. Seuss erasers to make AB and AABB patterns. 
Tomorrow we are going to make ice cream for science and we will talk about the GR blend and come up with "Grinch Grins" (words that start with GR).  We will also discuss feelings and how important they are.  I love it when young kids get a chance to really open up and discuss thier feelings.  It is so touching to see what is in their precious little hearts.  It is a wonderful reminder of who these little people are.  We will write our feelings on hearts.  We will have the Grinch posted in the classroom and whenever someone is "caught" being kind they will get to put a bigger heart on the grinch.  Whoever has the biggest heart at the end of the day gets a prize, (but they don't know that until the end.) 
On Friday we will have "Green, Grinch day!"  Everyone will come dressed in green, will get green candy canes and green grinch shakes that we will make with our homemade ice cream.  I will post more pictures all week long so stay tuned!! 
 I have started creating a freebie for you all coming soon and I wanted to post a preview of if.  When we reach 100 followers on facebook I will post the freebie. is my very first product so I am a little excited! 

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