More Penguin Activities

More Penguin Activities!!
Are you all getting sick of hearing about penguins yet??  Haha, well too bad I have more activities to share.  The Chart above is what we did today with preschool to review the facts we have learned about penguins.  For some of our activities we used Deanna Jump's Penguin unit

We fed the penguins gold fish crackers.  After we fed them we counted how many fish we fed them and wrote the number on a piece of paper. 

Penguin dial a sum math with penguin counters.  I found this activity here creative classroom 123

Classifying penguins by type.  They sorted the penguin and placed them by their type.  On the back of every picture was the name of each type of penguin for self checking.

Penguin sorting.  This is a more difficult sorting activity because the penguin manipulatives look very similar so they really have to pay attention to the details.

We discussed how male penguins choose the best pebble to give their mates, just like daddies give mommies a rock to ask her to marry him.  This activity is a fine motor activity placing pebbles on fish suction cups to remind them of this fact. 

Label the penguin.  After they labeled the penguin, they drew their own penguins and cut out strips to label.  This is our Pip puppet form the adventures of Pip.

One of our science activities we did was illustrate how the penguins' waxy feathers do not get too wet in the water.  We drew penguins and pushed really hard with the crayons, then water color painted over them watching the water and paint bead up and roll away. 

Counting penguins book and penguin manipulatives to count along with the book.

That is all I have for tonight.  I have more pictures to post tomorrow!  Thank you for all of your comments and support as I slowly learn all about the world of blogging!!  I am really having a great time sharing all of my ideas with you and learning all of yours!!



  1. Hi Rachel! I found your blog through the TBTS Secret Group! I love everything about this post! The penguin labeling is adorable! Where did you find the manipulatives for the counting penguins activity? They are so cute!

    Lil' Country Kindergaren

  2. Marlana,
    Thank you for your wonderful comments. I found some of the manipulatives at oriental trading and the other ones I found at the thrift store. When I bought them I had no idea what I was going to use them for but knew I wanted them.

  3. Wow! Your penguin activities are amazing, Rachel! Great way to add a lot of hands-on fun to learning about penguins. I finally got around to updating my Montessori-Inspired Arctic and Antarctic Unit at I featured your labeling a penguin photo and added your penguin posts. :)