Penguin Brainercise

Penguins, Penguins and more penguins!!  We had a blast today studying more about penguins.  As we finish up our unit on penguins we have been reviewing all of the knowledge that we have learned in fun useful ways. 
We started off our day with Penguin Brainercise.  I have been doing a ton of research on brain activities and have been using what I am learning at school.  One of the things I learned is how important pairing movement with music and basic facts is a huge brain exercises that produces positive results!!  That is how I came up with content based Brainercise. 
 Today we got out the tumbling mats, tunnel and balance beam.  We sang songs, listened to music, did tumbling exercises based on Penguin movements and our new penguin vocabulary!!  Talk about a Brain workout!!  It was awesome!! I am sorry the pictures didn't turn out so great.
First we "Huddled" like penguins then we sang our songs.

Next we "waddled" like penguins sideways on the balance beam, while we were still singing and listening to music!

After that, we "flew" through the water...still singing!!! ;)

Finally we "tobogganed" like penguins on our bellies on the mat!!! 
These activities were so much fun and the kids loved using their new vocabulary!  After we started our day with Brainercise, the kids were ready to learn and on task all day.

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  1. What great activities!! I'm so into learning more about the whole brain based learning...What great ideas! And what fun! I am your newest follower and will add you to my blog roll "New Blogs on the Block" on the sidebar of my blog! Come check it out!

    Teaching First

  2. Adorable!! Following you with my Teea Time Playschool Blog!!!

  3. Rebecca,
    Thank you for your comments. Thank you for adding me to your blog and becoming a follower! I love your blog as well!! I will continue to post brain building activities.