"Chromosome and Little Chromosome"

I have decided to make a schedule of blog post topics.  Monday will be Montessori Monday, Tuesday will be tell me a story Tuesday, Wednesday will be Words and Writing Workshop Wednesday, Thursday will be Thematic Thursday, Friday will be Math Fact Fun Friday, Saturday will be Science and Social Studies Saturday, Sunday will be Scripture and Simplify Sunday. 
Today I am starting with Science Saturday.  We had an awesome parent volunteer come in and tell us all about DNA!  We call it DNA day.  She taught us about the "big chromosome and the little chromosome."

What Kind of Hairline do you have?

We compared and contrasted our hairlines (straight across, widow's peak) She explained what characteristics went together to make up your genetic DNA.  Widow's peak is a "big chromosome" and straight hairline is a "little chromosome". 

We learned what characteristics were DOMINANT (big chromosomes) and what were RECESSIVE (little chromosome).  She taught us that Dominant Chromosomes were more likely to be passed on. 
Trenton and Grammie comparing traits that were passed on.

Having grandparents, parents, siblings and even twins in class made our comparisons so much fun and interesting!!  The kids were able to have a true to life visual of what it means to have "dominant genes". 

Comparing "big chromosomes" and "little chromosomes" for eye color

We graphed our eye color and hair color to determine if our class had more "big chromosomes" or "little chromosomes" (sorry I didn't take pictures of our graph :( I am trying to take more pictures)

"Special" genes

She explained that we have attached ear lobes or detached earlobes and that how your ears are shaped can point to other "special" things about your body.  We have a little boy in our class who has "special" shaped ears and he also has "special" kidneys.  We learned that the kidneys and ears develop at the same time and that is how scientists can use those clues to diagnose children.  This little guy felt so important that he got to be used as an example for "special" genes!!  It was priceless. 
After we were done we made dna models with toothpicks and marshmallows and we made our me faces with haircolor, eye color, widows peak or not, attached or detached ears. 

Here are a few links to learn more about DNA. 
Have a fun Science Saturday!!

Here is an incredible Freebie to go along with DNA from Science Stuff.  DNA FREEBIE CLICK HERE  It is for older kids but could be used for homeschool and could be modified for younger kids.  Thank you Amy for Sharing and Thank you Charity for posting on



  1. I used to work at a Montessori school and LOVED every minute of it!

  2. Mrs. Coe,
    Thank you for your comment, I love Montessori but I add a ton of other methods and love it too!!! I love teaching there and I love using those methods to homeschool as well.