Fun Friday! Winter Crafts

Torn paper snowmen

Today is fun Friday!  This week I decided to post some of our winter crafts and art projects.  I didn't post these before and they are so cute I didn't want them to get forgotten in my dusty picture files ;)

Our art display line

Our hand print tree and snowmen glyphs from (Deanna Jump)

snowmen glyphs

The kids do the entire project by themselves.  I don't do any prep work.  I love doing art projects this way because they all turn out completely different and they are working on cutting, spacing, gluing and creativity skills.

syllable snowmen (Kai-son) 2 syllables equals two parts to the snowman

Penguins with hand print feet

March of the penguins.  The kids chose a emperor penguin or a macaroni penguin.  They wrote the name or beginning sound of the name on the belly of the penguin.

Rainbow, rice, red "R"

We do a sensory art for every letter. 

soft fluffy penguins


Macaroni penguin

This penguin was created during "free art", the child went to the art center and created this penguin completely on her own.  This is creative learning at it's best!!! 

I hope you all had a great week and have a fun filled super bowl Sunday!!  I will post some more fun science activities tomorrow for "Science Saturday"!! 

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