Word Work Wednesday Part one Groundhog day

This week our writing workshop was about Valentine's day and Groundhog day!  For Groundhog day we started with a story and a movement activity we danced to the song shadow dancing and then we found a partner and played "shadow does" It is just like simon says.  I read them Geoffrey Groundhog Predicts the weather.

They love to draw pictures and I really enjoy watching their creativity come out in their drawings, so we started with a drawing and labels. 
This one said that his groundhog forgot to brush his teeth haha too cute!

This one added the extra labels hole, and tooth.

If you look closely at these drawings you can see the 3 check marks for them to check their own work. I don't even have to remind them of this anymore.  We extended this activity by doing science experiments and art projects on shadows.  We went on a shadow hunt outside and measured our shadows throughout the day.  Finally, they all made a groundhog to attach with their writing paper.  I love how they turned out with so much personality! :) 

Part 2 of Word Wednesday will have our Valentine's day writing.
Let me know what your Groundhog day writing ideas are! :)

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