100th day of school!!!! Thrilling Thematic Thursday!

100 days of school!!  This year has been flying by, I cannot believe it!  Today was our 100th day of school it was wild, crazy, a little bit dangerous but fun!  We were lucky to have an amazing parent helper stay for our special day.  We started out our day making our 100 day crowns.  Then we headed to circle time to count our chart and to see what number we ended up on.
Our helper of the day counts the numbers everyday and we count with him.  When we get to a "10" we do something different everyday.  Today we jumped and clapped every time! :)

We sang our 100 days of school songs and we read an interactive poem together.  For Math the first thing we did was dance to this song.

I asked the kids if they had 100 dollars what would they buy.  Everybody had a chance to draw on the chart what they would buy.

We even got to see a REAL 100 dollar bill!!

Each Child shared the poster they made at home for a family project with 10 groups of 10

Great family projects!!

Every child brought in 100 of some type of snack.  We counted and graphed everyone's snacks then put them all into one big bowl to make "gorp"
Everyone helped make "gorp"

We had a cooperative project where the thinking math question was "how many friends will I need to count 100 fingers?"  We had quite a few sick kids today so we had exactly 10 friends to count fingers on.  They were excited to see that it equaled exactly 100!!!

our 10 friends equaled 100 fingers!!!

Finally we had a special treat brought in by one of our students!!  This was my favorite 100th day memory ever!!!  This little boy brought in a cake with 100 candles to celebrate my team teachers' "100th birthday" haha !! 

Happy 100th birthday Mrs. Nicole!!

my brave parent helper!!  She almost caught on fire, that is dedication!!!  haha this is what 100 candles looks like! :)

Happy 100th day everyone!! 


  1. These are great 100 day activities. My class celebrated the 100th day recently. Look at some of our activities here: http://www.brennaphillips.com/100th-day-of-preschool-celebration

  2. Thank you Breanna! I will go check your blog out right now!! :)